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Sign up for a District Budget Reminder Lawn Sign

Budget lawn signs are usually placed in the lawn in front of your house around 2 weeks before the mid May School District Budget Vote. Lawn signs are taken down by the resident after the budget vote is concluded or our buildings and grounds staff will come collect any remaining signs. Lawn signs will only have information reminding voters to vote on the District Budget, they do not campaign for voters to vote in a specific way. Please note in order for a budget lawn sign to be placed in your yard, you must live in East Irondequoit and have a yard for the sign to be placed in. Click here to complete the sign up form.  By submitting this form you are agreeing to have a lawn sign placed in your yard yearly around the District Budget Vote in May or before any special votes that take place. If you no longer wish to have a lawn sign in your yard, or you have questions about the lawn signs you may contact the Communications Office at 585-339-1230 or    If you would like more information regarding the 2021-22 District budget, click here.


An example of what a budget lawn sign might look like:

Budget Vote, Tuesday, May 18, 6am-9pm, Eastridge High School