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Important Cyber Security Message


Cybersecurity in East Irondequoit CSD

East Irondequoit CSD has a comprehensive Cybersecurity program which consists of several layers of protection for our network and account access to protect against Cyber Threats. 

These protections include monitoring of all devices for malware, ransomware, and viruses as well as outside brute force threats and account access threats. 

The district employs a comprehensive backup plan including off network backups to protect against these threats.  Critical systems are backed up using Tiered off-network protection that is encrypted and time locked to avoid being compromised. The district works closely with Monroe #1 BOCES to maintain a Firewall and web filter to block malicious websites and phishing emails.  In addition, the district wireless network is segmented separating guest wireless from internal segments and is protected with advanced protocols.  All district servers, laptops and desktops are updated continuously through Microsoft updates and staff are required to use Multi-Factor Authentication to gain access to O365. 

To protect iOS devices, district iPads are configured so that no malicious apps can be downloaded. 

In addition to these hardware and software components, district staff participate in cybersecurity training including phishing email scenario training to increase awareness about cybersecurity threats.