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REMINDER: Pre-K Lottery Applications are due on March 26

Parents of children eligible for UPK in the fall, please turn in your applications by March 26th.  If you need an application or are unsure if your child is eligible for our UPK program, download the application below and check out our frequently asked questions about the program.  




Frequently Asked Questions:


What is UPK?

Universal Pre-Kindergarten is a developmental educational program for our 4 year olds that is focused on play based learning, social emotional skills, verbal and physical growth, literacy, numeracy, as well as providing a culturally responsive environment.


Who is eligible?

All children that are 4 years old by December 1st, 2021 and live in the East Irondequoit Central school district are eligible for our UPK program.


Is the program half day or full day?

Our program is half day (2.5 hours) 5 days a week. We offer a morning and afternoon program.


Is transportation provided?

The school district does not provide transportation for UPK.  This is the responsibility of the family.


Where is UPK held in the district?

We have UPK classes in both of our primary schools, Helendale and Ivan Green, as well as at Liberty Post who we partner with in the community.


Is there a cost associated with the UPK program?

No, there is no cost associated with the UPK program.