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8th Graders Write Moving Poems about the Pandemic

8th graders at EI Middle School wrote poems about the pandemic during their poetry unit in english class.  Below are some of their insightful and moving poems.  




Covid is a virus

It surprised us

like a surprise party on your birthday

yet no one wanted it to happen

as you sit in your room

wishing you can feel

the warmth of their arms

wrapped around you giving a hug.

parents always nagging for you

to get off the phone with your friends.

scrolling through your missing assignments

thinking the list will never end.

your stuck in your house watching your parents struggle to work from home.

being told not to use all the toilet paper

and eat all the food.

the pain in your ears

the mask pulling on them.

we've been told

it’s the new normal

       By: Ella T. 




All the people locked at home.


Everybody bored, all day.

They read, they listen, they can't go anywhere.


Couldn't see anyone, all the people locked at home.


The window stares at us, showing us how good it is outside.


All the people locked at home.

Cannot go close to anyone, cannot go anywhere.


All the people deal with online everything.

All the people learn from online school.

All the people work from home, online.

All the people locked at home.


All the people panic for food.

All the people panic for their basic needs.


All the doors close,

not allowing anybody in.


All the people locked at home.

 By: Lucas G.



The morning news music echoes in the room,

From the sound of loud screams and yelling,


I knew that a hurricane is coming,

I see the tall blazes engulfing a car


Through the bright LCD screen,

The large group of

people filling a


Main Street will their large painted

Boards of protests,


A man who passed

Swept the nation,


Causing a fight justice and change

Across the country,


These protests were either peaceful or violent,

The violent ones were filled with fire and looting

And the peaceful ones were filled with speeches and arguments,

The navy blue uniforms are a sign of hatred for many people today,


While this is happened in the outside world,

I was taking bite of my morning breakfast.

 By: Christian A.




As I sit on my lawn

I think about everything I have missed,

the chirping of the birds,

the wind in my hair.

Even when just sitting

you experience so many things

you would never inside your house.

With this pandemic ripping people apart

the outside has brought people together.

New communities have been made that have never been made.

People have found things that have never been found.

Now more than ever I’ve found my self walking in the forest around my house

looking up and seeing the sun peeking through the leaves giving a friendly smile.

If people just looked and listened to everything around

COVID may be


 By: Jack M.




The sadness over the city loomed, as the monster terrorized it.

There were few who were blinded and couldn’t see the huge beast, and others didn’t care.

Many took shelter and hid as its wrath or terror went on, killing and scarring many.

It seemed as though this beast would never end, this killing, hurting, scarring beast.

Soon though the hero would emerge, as he always does whenever people feel pain.

His kindness and friendly nature, are what slayed the beast.

The fight between them was marvelous to put it lightly.

The hero with his mask and costume, stayed his distance against the beast, constantly keeping just far enough away.

Slowly but surely, the hero’s effort were not in vein and the hero would slay the beast and save the city.

The beast that plagued the town, was slain by the hero that was kind, courageous, and didn’t give up.

       By: Kayne R.



It feels like the world has stopped.


I have more time, like a long weekend with my family,

A blizzard without snow,

But I am hopeful this routine will break and give way

To another one.


School was not that fun, but I miss it, wishing for those days to come fill up my time.


I’m like a tiger waiting, pacing in its cage.


I want freedom from loneliness,

The lucid prison of Netflix and PS4,

The turquoise trap of my bed, the restless silence.


I want the semblance of normality.


I sleep more, hours as empty as space, the screams of notifications comes into my palm holding my phone as I wake.


By: Christian M.



I wake up by my alarm going off sun light

Beaming into my open blinds I yawn

Time for me to get ready for school


I walk to my bus stop birds chirping, sunny

And bright my bus is here! I walk on my bus

Seats filled from front to back of students

I sit next to a friend I give her the biggest hug

How was your summer of 2019?  Great she says


6 months later…. I hear we are getting a couple weeks off

I say happy energetic to a friend us both excited and happy I hope We never come back I screamed

We both began to laugh 2 months passed by school is canceled NEW YORK STATE TEST IS

CANCELED Woooo!! I scream🥳  summer of 2020 comes


Limited to everything know we have to wear mask I complain

School comes I cry tears because school is not as normal. I began

To wish I never wished for us to be out

 By: Taliyah D.



Life in quarantine has changed the

Way we live a lot. Everyone has to

Wear mask everywhere they go and

We have to be six feet apart. When I

Went to a restaurant it was as quiet

As a library because a lot of people

Are not allow inside. It was surprising

That covid happened it was scary

Everything got closed we had to go

Back home from school and now

We have to do at least 3 days of

Online. A lot of adults also have to

Work from home now. I’m a huge NBA

Fan and I play basketball myself and it’s

Different having to play with a mask on,

The NBA has to play in a bubble so they

Can’t have any fans it’s like being in a empty

Room but a team can still win the Championship

And have a sweet smell of success

       By: Jeremiah D.



Covid hit

World shutdown

Panic spread


Students cheered

Parents groaned


No one knew where this would go


Two weeks, three

One month more

Feelings stoped their soar


Death tolls grew

Day to day

Happiness no longer ruled


Families grew

Families shrank

Together forever

Once spoken now broken


Worlds in books

Places to live

Where things are better

Like Covid didn’t hit


Passions grew

Hobbies started

Passing time is all important


Some danced

Some sang

Some painted

Others played

Some wrote

Some read

Some learned

Others just wanted to be heard


Get up

Come down

Game just started


Time to play

No more waiting


Pieces move

Cards are played

Arguments start in just few days


Longer and longer

Day by day

Life stops moving

Will this change


People together

Now with masks

Life is back, but

Will it last


Covid hit

World shutdown

We built it up

It’s ours now

     By: Joanna K. 



Wear masks stay safe

Stay 6 feet away

Pandemic has started

Stores out of stocks and no Scott’s 

In and out of stores and houses

Stay home all alone

Covid 19 has taken over 2020

Signs on store doors

“No mask no entry”, stay safe

We can fight and do right

Hard times as pain enters

Stay safe keep away

Hard work for finding vaccines

Scientist trying to help community

Losing what we loved and wanted

Bringing in what we hated and never


We fought till the end

       By:  Refat Q.



Pellucidly Concealed

Simply, imagine, 

The fear of walking outside.

The fear of human eyes.

Afraid to talk to people.

One who’d rather be home,



Hiding from your problems

As if they weren’t there

You’re attached to loneliness,

You never really care.


There’s bright walls, there’s concern and care,

However, all one views is darkness.


In the end, fighting in a battlefield

Against a clone?


You want to break free, but you feel alone.


How do fears move so fast?

Once one’s terrors were insects and spiders

Yet, one snap of a finger—

It’s their mind that’s drowning a labored boat.



Would someone hypothesize that this “imagine”

Has been a card dealt to another’s reality.

      By: Hanniah F.




Two weeks off of school

Hooray Hooray


But little did we know

What was coming the next day..


2 weeks turned into a month

And a month turned to 5


Masks soon will come

And we all will scream and cry


Schools shut down.            

Diners and stores


Nothing is near

And all we do is fear


Protests pop up

We’re finally making a change


2020’s the year

Where history appears

         By: Gavin F.