May 14, 2019

Good Morning East Irondequoit Middle School

Today is Tuesday, May 14, 2019

It is a B Day

Today’s lunch is: Taco Bowl


Chorus lessons are:

Group O: Period 6

Group N: Period 8






Today’s 6th grade band lessons are:  

Period 1: Groups 14 & 15

Period 4: Group 12


Today’s 7th grade band lessons are:

Period 2:  Group S

Period 3:  Group P

Period 5:  Group O


Today’s 8th grade band lessons are:

Period 1: E

Period 4: H

Period 6: B




The next Adventure Club meeting will be after school today in room 133.



It's time for our Tuesday Tidy!- Let's organize your binders! Make sure that all papers are clipped in the correct section, and compare your Table of Contents forms with a partner to be sure that they are all filled out and up to date.