May 15, 2019

Good Morning East Irondequoit Middle School

Today is Wednesday, May 15, 2019

It is a C Day

Today’s lunch is: Oven roasted Chicken with Brown Gravy and Biscuit


Chorus lessons are:

Groups R & S: Period 3






Today’s 6th grade band lessons are:  

Period 2: Group 17

Period 3: Group 7

Period 6: 5,6, & 7


Today’s 7th grade band lessons are:

Period 1:  Group M

Period 4:  Group N

Period 8:  Group L


Today’s 8th grade band lessons are:

Period 1: G

Period 8: F


Here comes the Weekly Wednesday Grade Check!- How are you doing academically this week? It's time to do a quick grade check! Make note of any grades that have gone down since last week. Are there missing assignments you need to turn in or teachers you need to meet with?