Bus Rider Rules

For a safe and enjoyable ride to and from school, follow these rules:

  1. Be at your bus stop 5 minutes early.

  2. Do not wait for the bus inside your house!

  3. Wait for your bus at your designated stop, well off the roadway.

  4. Wait for signal from driver before crossing the road. Cross in front of the bus, 15 feet ahead of it, so driver can see you.

  5. Enter your bus in an orderly manner, and take your seat.

  6. Follow the instructions of your bus driver and bus monitor.

  7. Remain in your seat while your bus is in motion.

  8. Keep aisles clear at all times.

  9. Be courteous to your bus driver and fellow passengers.

  10. Be alert to traffic when leaving the bus.

  11. When preparing to get off, remain seated until the bus stops.

Due to time restrictions, please do not wait for the bus in your house. Do not ask to ride a different bus except in an extreme situation. Any request to do so must be made in writing by the parent to the school principal. Students may be denied riding privileges as a result of misbehavior on a bus.

What can't go on the bus?

  1. Animals, insects or other "creatures," dead or alive.

  2. Food items not in a proper storage container.

  3. Any cell phone or personal music device that is annoying to another person.

  4. Large items that do not fit inside a standard back pack (ie skateboards.)

  5. Sports equipment and large musical instruments are a special privilege - once lost will not be reinstated.