Transportation Rules & Guidelines

Bus Conduct Rules for Students

  1. Stay seated at all times

  2. Keep your hands and your feet to yourself

  3. Obey the bus driver

  4. Do not yell or talk loudly

  5. Use appropriate language

  6. No eating or drinking on the bus

  7. Report all problems to the bus driver

  8. Incidents of physical aggression or defacing property will result in immediate suspension from the bus.

Due to time restrictions, please do not wait for the bus in your house. Do not ask to ride a different bus except in an extreme situation. Any request to do so must be made in writing by the parent to the school principal. Students may be denied riding privileges as a result of misbehavior on a bus.


First Notice:

  • Conference with the principal

  • Verbal reprimand and/or detention

  • Parent called

  • Copy of report sent to parent

Second Notice:

  • Conference with principal

  • Verbal reprimand

  • Detention

  • Parent called

  • Copy of report sent to parent

Third notice:

  • Conference with principal

  • Suspension for 1 to 5 days

  • Parent called

  • Copy of report sent to parent

Fourth Notice:

  • Conference with principal

  • Suspension for 1 to 5 days or longer;

    for the month; for the balance of school year

  • Parent called

  • Copy of report sent to parent

Immediate Suspension:

  • Incidents of physical aggression or property damage will result in immediate suspension.

Other interventions used throughout the school year to help manage student behavior:

  • Supervision while children are arriving and

    boarding buses at arrival and dismissal

  • Principal will board buses to speak to students

  • Principal, teacher or driver may assign seats

  • Reporting concerns to the transportation director

  • Bus monitors will help supervise students

  • Changing a bus assignment

What can't go on the bus?

  1. Animals, insects or other "creatures," dead or alive.

  2. Food items not in a proper storage container.

  3. Any cell phone or personal music device that is annoying to another person.

  4. Large items that do not fit inside a standard backpack (ie skateboards.)

  5. Sports equipment and large musical instruments are a special privilege - once lost will not be reinstated.

Afternoon Busing Expectations


It is required that you will be available to receive your K-2 aged student after school. If you are not at the drop-off location to greet your K-2 aged child when the bus arrives, we will keep your child on the bus. At the end of the run, we will return to your child’s stop. If we are still unable to drop your child, we will take them to Eastridge High School. You will be required to pick up your child there. Any subsequent occurrences of your child not being met at the bus stop will result in your child being taken directly to Eastridge High School at the end of the bus run. Please help us by being available to greet your child on time. If an emergency occurs, please contact us at 339-1526 prior to their drop-off time.

Important Phone Numbers for Parents

Please use phone number 339-1526 when making calls such as:

• Student not going to school

• Student does not require pm pickup

• Pick-up or drop-off time (also can be found on Infinite Campus Parent Portal)

• Lost article, etc.

Information on these areas is available at this number; plus they have the ability to contact buses and convey your message. Please make sure you have the following information ready when you call: bus or route number, stop location and student’s name. Please use 339-1526 for information that pertains to routes or to request a stop change.

The Board of Education’s policy is that a transportation system be established and maintained in a safe, efficient and economical manner. Transportation service for students to public, private and parochial schools, subject to change by the voters of the District as provided by law, will be as follows:

• Grades K-5, who live more than one-quarter of a mile from school;

• Grades 6- 8, who live more than three-quarters of a mile from school;

• Grades 9-12, who live more than one mile from school.

These transportation levels represent a mandated service under state laws. In accordance with State Education Law, the district provides transportation for students who live within 15 miles of the out-of-district private, parochial or charter schools which they attend.