Device Information

The instructional focus at East Irondequoit is differentiation and a student-centered, collaborative learning environment.  The devices are used to help promote digitally rich teaching and learning in the classroom.  We use many web-based programs to enhance instruction and strengthen student learning outcomes.

Some of Our Widely Used Programs Include

  • Infinite Campus

    • Students are able to access to their schedules, attendance and grades. Parents can also receive login information to monitor their child’s progress.

  • Office365 – Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Forms, Sway

    • Microsoft suite that allows students to access Word, PowerPoint and Excel. In addition to providing all the Microsoft programs, the Office365 suite allows students to collaborate and share documents with each other.  Students can create presentations and work on them simultaneously with peers.  Office365 also stores all individual student files in the cloud so students can access their documents at anytime and anyplace.

  • Outlook

    • Students in Grades 3-12 have email accounts used for instructional purposes.

  • OneNote

    • OneNote is a digital notebook that allows teachers to provide notes and resources to students. Students are able to create their own notes and store files. Techers can send notes to students and students can complete assignments that their teacher is able to see and grade.  OneNote is used in Grades 4-12.

  • Mastery Connect

    • Mastery Connect allows teachers to provide assessments and grades to students. This is a way for teachers and students to examine data to inform instructional practices and extended learning opportunities.  Students can login in and check their progress on various standards and learning targets for each class.

Other Links That Teachers Use

Teachers also use a wide variety of programs in the classroom to formally and informally assess students and develop lessons according to individual student needs. Many of these programs are also used to provide study material and resources to students as well as immediate feedback on student progress.  The district utilizes Classlink to provide instant access to all instructional web based resources that students use throughout the school year.

Device Care & Help

Care of Devices

Backpacks with an inside laptop pocket are provided to each student at the Middle School and High School.  The backpack is used to prevent damage to laptops.

A protective iPad case is provided to each student in Grades K-5.  The case is used to prevent damage to the iPad.  The iPad should never be taken out of the case. 

Devices should be treated with utmost respect and kept free of stickers and graffiti.  Only vinyl, removable stickers are allowed.

How to Get Technical Help

The district has a Student Helpdesk at the Middle School and High School.  The High School Student Helpdesk is located in S17B, and the Middle School Student Helpdesk is located in 117.  If the tech’s cannot quickly resolve the issue with the device, a loaner laptop will be issued to the student until the issue is resolved.