Private/Parochial/Charter School Registration

Private/Parochial and Charter School:
Parents of children who are/will attend Private/Parochial or Charter Schools must register with the district in order for designated schools to receive textbook, health and transportation services which are provided by the East Irondequoit District. You must be registered with the district in order for your transportation request to be reviewed. Per New York State Education Law, a new form must be submitted to the District prior to April 1  to receive transportation for the following school year. This must be done every year, even if you are currently receiving transportation. This deadline is necessary in order for us to budget funds to provide this service. Forms are available at private and parochial school offices, East Irondequoit District office or can be downloaded from the link below.

Failure to meet the April 1 deadline requires a written explanation as to why the deadline was missed. This written explanation does not guarantee the request will be granted. Late request can only be accommodated after the deadline if there is no additional cost to the district.

We only service bell times until 3:30 pm and Do Not Provide Midday Transportation; if necessary, it would be the parents' responsibility. In addition, we only service two early dismissals per school year.

Private/Parochial/Charter School Registration Packet

Transportation Form

Transportation Medical Alert Form

East Irondequoit transports all students who live within 15 miles of the private or parochial schools they attend, in line with state regulations and the district's transportation policy, which provides transportation on an equal basis to pupils in public schools and those attending private/parochial/charter schools. Our current policy provides transportation for pupils in grades K-5 who live more than 1/4 mile from school, grades 6-8 who live more than 3/4 mile from school and grades 9-12 who live more than 1 mile from school. For more information, contact the East Irondequoit Transportation Office at (585) 339-1526.