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Dear Parents/Guardians,

The federal government has extended its program for free breakfast and lunch for all students until June 30, 2022. This means that any child attending school, here at East Irondequoit, may get both Breakfast and Lunch for FREE.  However, we are asking families to please continue to submit applications to East Irondequoit School Nutrition Department in lieu of the free meal program in 2021-2022 because:

  • If the Federal government decides to release a new batch of P-EBT Food benefit cards during the pandemic, as it did last year, families may not qualify if there is not a current application on file.

  • Students who request fee waivers for things like AP exams or college applications will not qualify for the fee waiver if they do not have a current application on file.

Why take advantage of Free Meals at School:

  • The Free Meal Program offered by the school, is convenient for families, supports the School Nutrition Program, and supports businesses in the community.  Truly a “WIN….WIN” for all.

  • Meals at School are Kid Friendly, Tasty & Nutritious; meeting all the Federal Guidelines which include a wide variety of fruits and veggies.

  • Remember, children are more prepared to learn and succeed when they do not have hungry tummies.

All students choosing to eat breakfast and/or lunch for free at school MUST take all the required meal components. Any lunch items bought a la carte (including milk only purchases) are NOT covered under the waiver and must be paid for. This also includes snacks, doubles, water bottles, and ice cream.

Applications may be found here or picked up in any school building office. 

Questions? Call East Irondequoit School Nutrition at (585) 339-1577.

Thank you,

The School Nutrition Team
Laurel Presher, Director
Peggy Shone, Free & Reduced Coordinator

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